How it works?

Our focus is to align your work with your life so that you can Stride Forth into your own future where these two key parts of you are healthily balanced and naturally integrated… …without significant compromise.

I provide the structure, environment, support and tools you need to tackle career concerns, manage key decisions and control your professional future.

Together, we will:
  • Understand who you really are and how to communicate where you add value.
  • Increase your visibility and make sure you are heard.
  • Drive your own career path rather than following what you are told is good/right for you. 
  • Naturally align and integrate your career with your life.
  • Identify your long term goals, plan your strategy on how to get there and begin implementing the changes.
  • Open doors so you can progress forward.

If any of the above words reflect how you are currently feeling, in all likelihood, you are coming up to a natural career junction. You can either plod along or jump into another role without really thinking OR… …you can do yourself a favour, and get your career to FINALLY start working for you.

Job Seeking- whether you are a graduate or an experienced person, we all look for the next step
Seeking Promotion- what to really flex your corporate abilities and skills in a more challenging environment
Change in Industry - you venture into something completely different i.e. military background to civilian future.
Change in Employment type - business owner to employee, or from global firm to start-up and vice versa.
Returners - Parents returning to work.

Job Seeking

Seeking Promotion

Change in Industry

Change in Employment Type


Why Me?

Why Me?
  • Those seeking promotion, enjoy an increase in salary of around 7-10 times my fee.
  • 98% of clients feel re-engaged, fulfilled, visible, confident, empowered and happy within 3-4 sessions. They have also fully integrated new habits within 3-6months that are sustainable and last a whole lifetime. 
  • 95% of clients are at the final stage of their transition within 3-6 months. 
  • Experienced (+6 years in recruitment) and qualified (Certified Professional and Career Transition Coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence Coaching (iPEC) and an ELI Master Practitioner).
  • Highly intuitive.
  • Clients prize the career plans we create for them because:
    • They are highly bespoke to you.
    • Detailed with both a clear end goal in sight and the intermediate steps you need to get there.
    • They also have an integrated moving timeframe to account for unexpected future events that occur in life. This means that you can still get back on track regardless of what life throws at you which makes them sustainable. 
  • I coach, mentor, guide, advise you through every step of the whole transition cycle (Deep Dive, ELI, Market research, CV, Interview Coaching, Job Offer, Salary Negotiation, follow up post-placement)
  • Flexible – you can opt to complete the whole programme or opt for those products and services that you need and want now.
  • I am KNOWN FOR being very passionate about what I do which is to get you to reach your professional pinnacle. This is coupled with being a clear communicator, affable and open personality, provide practical and sustainable career plans and the tools you need to leap forward! 

Where do we go from here?

It all starts with a free telephone discussion where you bring me up to speed and discuss your specific needs, wants and timeframes. We would then see how I would best be able to help. When we have agreed next steps we will have a deep dive session where we take a really good look at where you are today in your career, clarify what a fulfilled, empowered and authentic life would look like for you, and create the outline of your career plan. From there the usual path would be as follows: - see next page for flowchart


C.W.:Learning & Development Manager, BP

"Victoria played a key role in my successful transition from (military) service leaver into my new corporate career. She clarified my key transferable skills and personal strengths, enabled me to present my very best self at interview, helped to manage my confidence throughout the process and allowed me to calmly and confidently close my very next role."

C.N.:Deputy CEO, London's Air Ambulance

"Victoria is a very valuable asset to have on side during any transition and / or career development opportunities. Her skills in interview preparation are unique. Be prepared for home truths, challenging questions and excellent techniques to respond. In addition, her interpretation, pithiness and use of clear language in my CV strengthened it immeasurably, resulting in a document I was proud of and which received significant praise from a number of organisations."

A.I.:Independent Creative and Strategist

"Sessions with Victoria are invaluable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services. She focuses the mind, challenges preconceptions and instils a real sense of confidence and ability to bring about a positive outcome. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses is just the start, as Victoria always looks to the wider picture and sets things in context. By asking unusual and sometimes difficult questions, and offering guidance as required, Victoria ensures total preparation and the results speak for themselves."

J.M.:Project Manager, Upstream, INEOS

"Worked with Victoria at a significant cross roads in my career. I was transitioning from an owner/director position in a family business back into a large corporate environment. She prompted me to reflect on my career, build a roadmap for the future, and released my full potential. I got the job!"

L.G.:EMEA Distributor Sales Manager

"3 months after working with Victoria I was considering 3 different positions that were all a considerable increase on my salary at the time. I ended up taking a promotion internally at a far higher level than I ever thought possible."

J.R.:Elite Sportsperson to Building Surveyor

"Victoria helped me when I changed career from an elite sportsman to an office role. The approach she instigated got me more interviews and interest and she also helped with my interview technique. I had 3 interviews and 3 offers before finding the perfect role for me."

K.G.:Senior Manager, Oil and Gas

"Her approach during the processes was inclusive yet honest and unambiguous. This is perfect for ex-Service people who need to translate their many accomplishments into the world of business."

S.O.:Deputy Head of Development, Large Housing Association

"Victoria transformed my CV and coached me for interviews that just released my natural confidence. Not only have I moved into the next level in my career, I also now have the confidence to aim higher."

P.A.:Project Manager, Children & Young People Mental Health, NHS England.

"Victoria helped me prepare for the Civil Service Fast Stream interview and assessment centre (for which the competition is stiff). She was a real godsend: calm and professional who also gave honest and hard-hitting advice that others would shy away from. She gave a piercing evaluation that hit on some serious points, took me through the interview step by step and really grilled me! It was invaluable to my resultant success - there is no way I could have passed that interview without her help."

D.M.:Executive Development Director, Cranfield Business School.

"Victoria helped me transform a good CV into a highly polished document which could compete with the best and she also helped to translate my military experience and skills into something that was recognised in the business world. Thanks to Victoria’s work, I have been accepted for a number of interviews."

S.S.:Consultant, RGP

"She has a unique approach to reviewing your experience and takes the time to understand you in order to bring the best out of you."

A.F.:Internal Audit, Marsh & McLellan

"Victoria went above and beyond and provided professional advice with tricky interview questions and helped me deal with an uncomfortable situation in the workplace. Her advice had a positive impact and I was blown away at the transformation."

T.P.:Director Upstream, INEOS

"Victoria rewrote my CV and coached on interview techniques. She was absolutely professional and efficient, delivered to the deadlines we agreed and provided sound, plain and savvy advice. Her ability to listen and then bring clarity to both the writing and the delivery of the CV is a hallmark of her abilities. She is an impressive performer and the work is excellent value for money"

G.S.:Stem Cell specialist and now Executive Director at a bioscience company.

"Victoria transformed my CV would be an understatement. She helped to translate my scientific endeavours into business achievements. What stood out was her professionalism, insightfulness, out of the box approach and her result driven enthusiasm which helped me redefine my career path."

L.M.:Manager, Coty Inc.

"After struggling for three months to find work, Victoria reworked my CV and taught me crucial interview skills that enabled me to find work within two weeks of our first meeting."

F.C.:Global IT COO Division, HSBC

"I was able to secure a new role within a few weeks of enlisting Victoria's assistance."

L.T.:Learning & Development Manager

"I received exceptional support from Victoria when considering a change of direction in my career. Her coaching approach allowed me to identify realistic, incremental goals and an achievable action plan to help me reach them."

P.S.:Senior Audit Director, Global Pharmaceutical company

"Victoria really quizzed me deeply in terms of my previous experience and next move - ranging in various subjects such as technical competency to work/life balance. As a result of this thorough assessment, I believe we attained the right fit."

A.K.:2015 University Graduate

"You genuinely changed the game for me - loads more interviews and had 3 offers at one point!"

C.W.:Early Career specialist, Oil & Gas

"Such has the impact that Victoria has had on my career that I have kept her in my corner as a key asset, career coach and counsel to enable me to successfully navigate the nuances of a successful corporate career."

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