Why Me?

Why Me?
  • Those seeking promotion, enjoy an increase in salary of around 7-10 times my fee.
  • 98% of clients feel re-engaged, fulfilled, visible, confident, empowered and happy within 3-4 sessions. They have also fully integrated new habits within 3-6months that are sustainable and last a whole lifetime. 
  • 95% of clients are at the final stage of their transition within 3-6 months. 
  • Experienced (+6 years in recruitment) and qualified (Certified Professional and Career Transition Coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence Coaching (iPEC) and an ELI Master Practitioner).
  • Highly intuitive.
  • Clients prize the career plans we create for them because:
    • They are highly bespoke to you.
    • Detailed with both a clear end goal in sight and the intermediate steps you need to get there.
    • They also have an integrated moving timeframe to account for unexpected future events that occur in life. This means that you can still get back on track regardless of what life throws at you which makes them sustainable. 
  • I coach, mentor, guide, advise you through every step of the whole transition cycle (Deep Dive, ELI, Market research, CV, Interview Coaching, Job Offer, Salary Negotiation, follow up post-placement)
  • Flexible – you can opt to complete the whole programme or opt for those products and services that you need and want now.
  • I am KNOWN FOR being very passionate about what I do which is to get you to reach your professional pinnacle. This is coupled with being a clear communicator, affable and open personality, provide practical and sustainable career plans and the tools you need to leap forward! 
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