About Me

About Me

After 9 years (6 in recruitment, 1 in FX, 1 at the UN and 1 year in various short-term contracts) in the corporate world, I “woke” up and realised I was lost in my own corporate jungle. Everyone around me seemed to be swinging through the trees and progressing upwards while I was hacking away at closed doors and glass ceilings. My confidence was shot. I believed I was in a rut and doomed to be a corporate slave forever with no life outside to be proud of. In reality though, I was so busy caught up in my mess that I was blind to the opportunities that cropped up.  

If I were to have coached myself at that point using the coaching techniques that we will use, my Deep Dive session would have revealed:

Honesty - Thorough - Effectiveness - Commitment - Connection - Authenticity - Accountability
Partnership - Choice - Discretion - Professionalism - Balance - Fairness - Family - Reliability

Things that INSPIRE me: 
  • Personal and professional development.
  • Travel and different cultural nuances (hold dual nationality, lived in 7 countries & visited an additional 45).
  • Puzzles, innovative design, art (especially street art) and ancient history.
  • Outdoor sports and adventure – road trips, ice hiking and aqua parks.
My PASSIONS include: 
  • Help people find their feet and their voice to become their best-ever natural self. 
  • Creating adventures and memories. Keeping life real and not letting it become a virtual identity. 
  • Living an integrated life that is healthy, fulfilling and balanced.
  • We are all a student and a teacher to others, including ourselves.
  • Energy attracts like energy.
  • We all have something unique to contribute to this world.
  • An obstacle is simply an opportunity in disguise.
  • Serious lack in confidence – this was a real gremlin for me! 
  • Was unaware of what my actual skills, strengths and abilities were and didn’t know how to get out of my rut. 
  • Get caught up working out solutions in my head rather than just taking the plunge.
  • Being a perfectionist and getting caught up working out solutions in my head.
  • Believed that to be successful I had to sacrifice everything for the corporate good.
  • Assumed that my managers and superiors knew best and had my interests at heart. 
When I lifted the lid I found my STRENGTHS:
  • Finding solutions for others, thinking outside the box, and have a mind that quantum leaps and finds connections between random things.
  • Resourcefulness, a real team player, assertive yet not aggressive, non-judgemental.
  • Able to quickly grasp new concepts and able to actually understand what people are going through.
  • Memory for details, faces and facts and able to pick out the salient points when speaking with people.
  • Able to see both the whole forest and the individual tress within at the same time.
  • Highly intuitive with very high emotional intelligence and a natural holographic thinker.
Key REALISATIONS hit me like a high-speed train….
  • I actually wasn’t that plain vanilla ice cream melting under corporate frustrations with nothing to offer. 
  • I have a value to bring. I was simply in the wrong industry and work environment.
  • I had reached my limit of being driven by those around me.– a real rabbit-in-headlights moment. 
  • Recruitment had served its purpose and taught me lessons (both good and bad).
  • It was time to stop trying to make a name as a “typical” recruiter and to discover my own environment. 
  • It was time to acknowledge that I could offer more and give better attention to people’s needs outside of the direct recruitment industry. 
  • Give true depth and insight to those I work with. 
  • Create a space for people to find answers and solutions to their career concerns.
  • Raise a happy and healthy family.
  • Integrate a real balance between life and work.
SINCE THEN (2013):
  • Learnt to believe in my own skills, abilities and strengths.
  • Grew a passion into a business through word of mouth and tripled annual revenue every year until 2016.
  • Undertook a highly intensive training course with one of the world’s leading professional coaching institutions (iPEC). It involved 360 hours of direct coaching, 5 hours a week of virtual classes, numerous exercises, book report and an exam. All of which I completed in 9 months.
  • Became both a Certified Professional Coach and an ELI Master Practitioner. 
  • Became a mother to 2 little toddlers/angels/divas (depending on how mischievous they are feeling).
  • Consciously stride into life instead of hobbling through it. 
Coaching enabled me to realise that life isn’t a competition between our different selves. It is not a question of “OR”. It is a statement of “AND”….I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, global citizen AND a professional coach. The competition is now about productivity and a day that is won is one where I have progressed forward in all my aspects and balanced my passions as a coach, mother, wife and friend.
It is because of this golden thread that links between my different “hats” that I do not class myself as simply a coach. I am a mentor, consultant, partner in crime, information provider and a career coach. I also make introductions and connections when possible and relevant.

People come to me because they see my value and love the tools, support and space I give, for them to stand up and become their own best self. Dreams are achievable….

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